I was born and raised on a beautiful tourist destination off the coast of South Carolina. I left the rock to attend the College of Charleston and graduated with my B.A. in Studio Arts with a focus on photography. I knew from a fairly young age that I had to be involved in the arts as a career in some way, shape, or form. I dabbled in everything from printmaking to graphic design before deciding that photography was something I really enjoyed and could actually make a career out of. Since college, I tried my luck in New York City but felt a strong pull back to the Lowcountry. I've been happily living here ever since shooting weddings, portraits, families, music, pets, and whatever else I possibly can!

Beyond photography I love the outdoors, live music, arts and crafts, carbohydrates & cheese, and being a catmother to my precious kitten son, Benny.

I’d love to meet you! Let's explore and take some fun pictures along the way. Email me at info@sloan-photography.com for inquiries.

Portrait taken by the ever talented Emily Meeks